Pop Culture is Left Wing

Today if you are creating art, you’re generating narratives. Narratives interact with and play off of the wider cultural narratives, in that, the people who will interact with your generated narrative will extrapolate references to, and deconstruct it in relation to the main current collective cultural narratives everyone is involved with in their daily lives. Most people belong closer to one side of the cultural paradigm rather than occupying a middle ground, and they view art as cultural object that fit in the larger whole somewhere inside this paradigm, because that’s what art is, and does. Art relates back to the ‘real’ cultural narratives we all live accordingly to.
You don’t create art in a vacuum, this is a common trope artists tell themselves and other artists when they hit a block or rationalize a vague reference or similarity they suddenly recognize in their own work that resembles another well-known more established work. You are motivated to create by the art you love and will inevitably copy something consciously as a homage or by a subconscious inference. As artists create they of course live within the larger framework of the culture, and will of course imbue their work with their cultural views.

Today (again), if you don’t specifically signal (explicitly praise or symbolically gesture approval) your allegiance to the Left’s cultural narrative (aka the “progressive narrative”) you’re deemed a “bad person” by the Left’s morals. You will be held accountable to the Left’s imposed morals. Why? well, because they have taken over the popular culture due to the Right ceding so much ground. This fanaticism by the left has made it uncomfortable for neutral parties to stay out of the culture wars. Especially for an artist.  Increasingly there is little and less fence to sit on as you are nudged by militant fanatics from the left, or: SJW’s.

I for a period of time had participated in the NeoReactionary movement, which was, as the name suggests a REACTION, an intellectual counter movement to the Left’s constant deconstructing and critiquing of Western culture (up to, and beyond, the claim that there isn’t such a thing, and never has been). It was a reaction by Right wing thinkers to the aggressive encroachment by the Left onto cultural territory hitherto claimed by the Right.
There’s no mistake about it, it’s a cultural war raging on, and the Left had all but conquered with their narrative, over that of the Right’s, by the late 60’s in the current era- continuing to today.
The culture is drenched in the shadow of the 60’s, just as politics are shrouded in the shadow of the 2nd World War. Does Culture inform Politics or vice versa?

Say what you will about politics; ideas of how humans should organize, or what should be considered acceptable opinions to voice in “polite company,” what isn’t debatable is:

The Left Own Pop Culture.

The culture belongs to the Left. That’s why if you so much as breath a vaguely Right wing thought in “polite company,” you’re instantly deemed a Nazi. Or a bigot, or whatever means “evil” in popular cultural common parlance this week.

Rational people entertain Right wing opinions and adopt them when they can’t refute their logic; irrational people attack anyone challenging their Leftist programming.

I’ve made the decision that I’m no longer going to pretend to be neutral, or appeal to ‘everyone’ broadly. I think this is a waste of time, of mine and that of my audience. I’m explicitly Right wing, and I’ll proudly wear my colors, and make no qualms about writing the stories I want to write. This dilemma, of whether or not go “full fash” with my work has been holding me back, and demoralizing as far as motivation to create is concerned –  because without this crucial element to acknowledge about myself I feel I’m doing it insincerely and without meaning or purpose, I’m going through the motions with no passion.

I’ve been to shows and conventions where people openly and arrogantly espouse their Leftist ideology as if it were the most shocking and rebellious act in the world- but it literally is the safest and most accepted thing anyone can do today. It’s called “virtue signaling.”

To Be Continued…