To Be Continued…


About 5 weeks ago, I was contacted by a YouTuber and musician asking if he had my permission to upload a video he had made featuring my comic Elvin Mechanics:

Every Saturday since that fateful day Federico Balducci┬áhas been producing a video for each page of Elvin Mechanics- a comic which I had discontinued (despite the lofty claim of “Every Thursday” that will greet you upon clicking the link to the comic page) in 2013.

….just in case, to be absolutely thorough, here is a 12 minute video compiling all 1-6 episodes:

I have so much glowing admiration and praise for Fed that it all sort of gets jammed up in the door, all trying to leave at the same time. Anything I could say is moot, however, in comparison to his videos- you can see it for yourself. He’s taken my comics and realized them in a different medium; he’s transmuted them into a different material, or, refracted them as a prism would a beam of light. They not only retain Their original form and intent, but, have been intensified. Fed’s music perfectly matches the tone of the comic, the atmosphere and the paranoia; his sound-effects and camera movement perfectly encapsulates the mood.

And there’s more:

Obviously Fed is insanely talented and creative, but he also realizes what I’m going for, and takes it further.

I don’t want this to stop. I want to see more videos. After being blown away each Saturday over the course of the past month and a half watching Fed’s videos I decided there’s no other way around it (especially if I want to see this thing keep on going) but to continue Elvin Mechanics.

Recently, I finished the cover (seen at the top of this article) and page 7. Not a day after I posted it did Fed have a video hot off the presses:

Fed is a prolific artist, and deserves your attention, as do you deserve some it (Dear Reader). For now, please stay tuned for more Elvin Mechanics- there is a lot more to come.
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