Site Update – Happy Thanksgiving

I’m at my sister’s for Thanksgiving, which is this Thursday- though you probably knew this already.

Going to my site just now I notice that the comics menu is missing, due to an issue with its design that I can only fix inside of Muse, on my home PC.  Which is annoying.

So here are some temporary links to the aforementioned comics:
Bang Pong Pow

Clowns of the Apocalypse

KoneHedZ part 1

KoneHedZ part 4

Elvin Mechanics

I will be updating soon.
Follow me on Twitter:

I’ve been active on Twitter a lot recently, and plan on continuing to use it in the future, until I’m kicked off. In which case I will advertise my gab account, where I don’t spend too much time yet.  But I expect Twitter going the same way as Facebook, where my account gets suspended for 30 days at clip for saying increasingly milquetoast tier things.

Besides that, you can expect more comics, and updates to continuing stories soon, and more frequently as I increase my productivity.

Thanks, for stopping by, and paying attention to my work.

Mark Velard

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